It was not my idea to do this piece of art, but it really became a journey for me when I became committed to doing an interactive work about what I think the Flags of Freedom represent. In the art are the names of 737 deceased men and women, and two living men, who served our country and our flag. I walked through 20 cemeteries in Bureau County and part of Putnam County to copy the names in this art. The two living veterans are very representative of those who served in battle. One is from Bureau County and the other from Putnam County.

Names on the artwork - Letter about this artwork

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This project involved restoration of old catalogue renderings, design with graphics to match the era, print production, and packaging. The signed & numbered limited edition sets are in two nice print sizes. The edition size of each is 250 s/n sets of 6 prints per set. The small size prints frame to a standard 20 in. x 16 in. The large size prints frame to a standard 24 in. x 18 in. They are priced at $270 for the small set and $330 for the large.

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The Wild Bill Hickok Project was one of the most interesting art, framing, research, cataloging, and writing endeavors of my career. I made two discoveries for my client that added to the provenance of two of the artifacts and actually authenticated one of them. It was by chance on one & patient research on the other. Shown are only a few of the many items that were connected to Hickok during his illustrious life that I was fortunate to have catalogued and put into a museum collection. The Colt Revolver was the weapon that Hickok was wearing when he was assassinated by Jack McCall in Deadwood, August 2, 1876. McCall was hung in March 1877 in Yankton SD.
Project Produced in Conjunction with the Wild Bill Hickok Project

The limited edition s/n print was produced during the cataloging, photographing, designing, and museum mounting in shadow box frames of the James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok Collection for L. Thomas Pollock Historic Arms and Manuscripts. Restoring the only known photos of this, at the time, epic and historic event which drew thousands of spectators, was part of the project. The photos match the actual newspaper accounts of the event. During the restoration of a photo, by chance discovery as to the authentication of the photos was made. Print image size is 10 x 14 and the edition is 1188 s/n, with complete historical account and discovery account. Price is $70.

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